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Autodesk Plant Design

The advent of plant design software has brought great benefits to engineers and designers responsible for those tasks. We’re seeing true, quantifiable, improvements in the way we design and build industrial plants.


Field Services

Good field people are hard to find. It can be grueling work – extreme temperatures, a lot of stair climbing, up and down on fixed industrial ladders and high noise levels.


3D Modeling

The image of the General Motors drafter, in suit, tie, and coke bottle glasses, hunched over his drafting board, preparing a 3D cutaway of a V8 engine (in ink!) is now relegated to a display case in an industrial museum.


3D Scanning

The most important aspect of any new plan is understanding what you have to start out with. What are your assets? What is the starting point? More and more, companies are using the “reality capture” component of 3D scanning as the important first step in answering those questions.



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Drafting Management

A new paradigm shift in the plant engineering / plant maintenance model is the complete or semi-complete outsourcing of CAD drawing modifications to an offsite provider.